Dr. Ben Goertzel

goertzelGoertzel is a Chief Scientist of robotics firm Hanson Robotics and financial prediction firm Aidyia Holdings. Goerzel, who currently resides in Hong Kong, is researching “artificial general intelligence, natural language processing, cognitive science, data mining, machine learning, computational finance, bioinformatics, virtual worlds and gaming” (http://wp.goertzel.org/bio-2/). He has authored scientific books, technical papers, and journalistic articles with a current interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications.


Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706)


Pachelbel was a German composer well known for his musical works played on the organ. One of his most famous compositions is Canon in D, a piece performed with three violins and basso continuo, which gained popularity in the late 1960s and became a common song for weddings.